Sunday, June 20, 2010

Good Things God, Bad Things Satan?

Its Father’s day today so I am wishing the Good Father and Lord a very Happy Father’s Day! I am also wishing MY Dad and every Dad a Happy Father’s day!

My brother and I were talking this morning. I was sharing some experiences of friends and people who know me that email, text and call me telling me the heartaches they face with everyday life. Some of them are pretty devastating.

As I was talking about these things I said to my brother, so often when everything is going well God is thanked, but when things go bad Satan is blamed. So the next thing out of my brother’s mouth was, “Good things God, bad things Satan?” I said thanks for inspiring me because I haven’t written in my blog since April because I have been so busy and didn’t feel inspired to write and here we are.

A lot people tell me that they would like to help the Lord and be a part of His plan. I usually smile and say, well then you need to pray and tell Him. And then not so long after that prayer, their lives seemed to fall apart and the peace they once had, seemed to be gone and then they started to question WHY?

For the past eight years the Lord has been putting me through the “fire” simply because I told Him I wanted to HELP Him with His plan. He has allowed things to happen to me that I wouldn’t wish on my own enemies! Would you like to know the answer to “WHY?” I think it’s pretty obvious. BECAUSE YOU TOLD HIM YOU WANTED TO HELP HIM! No, I’m not yelling at you I am just pointing out a fact.

At that moment in time when you told Him you wanted to help HE decided to “change” you into the person HE needs you to be to help Him. He is molding you even more than before.

We all seem to think that when something goes wrong in our lives it’s that Lousy Wiener boy Satan again! (Sorry that’s my pet name for him, well I also call him “CLUELESS”!) But is it really Satan? God is the one who “allows” him to do things to us. God is the one who says, YES or NO to everything! Satan really is powerless if you use your faith. Yep FAITH!

You told God you wanted to help Him, you want to be closer to Him, you want a personal relationship with Jesus but you want everything to be done the way YOU want it to be done. Sorry! In all my years of having faith in God HE has never answered my prayers the way I expected Him to answer them. BUT He has ALWAYS answered them and has done so with the right answer at the right time. That is a FACT in my life! Sometimes I tell Him that now He is just showing off! LOL!

So I would encourage everyone whose life is falling apart around them to have a little more faith in God. Ask Jesus to give you courage and smile because God heard your prayer!