Friday, April 6, 2012


Today, Good Friday, marks the anniversary day that starter redemption for all. We all can read of how Jesus suffered and it brings a new reality to our own lives. He told me recently that He too had many more moments that He wanted to give up than what is recorded. Maybe we think that just because He was the Son of God He didn’t have moments of weakness. He struggled often knowing His outcome and yet in spite of this He stayed the course and went home!

All of us have our moments of weakness and what we would call TOTAL FAILURE! No one is a total failure if they continue to learn, ask for forgiveness, stand back up and keep walking on this path of faith. We are never alone if we continue to talk with Our Father and Big Brother Jesus and ask the Holy Spirit to help guide us.

If life were simple then we would all win the lottery because MANY think that would solve most of their problems, but in fact IT WOULD NOT! We dwell in the physical world which is more temporary than you think! That is all we really understand. I am asking you to dwell more in the spiritual and you will find a greater treasure than any lottery could offer you.

What will you find? Again you need to make a connection with Our Father and Brother. When you do this you will be given, love, peace, strength, joy, compassion, understanding, patience (I still haven’t mastered THAT one yet!) Insight, wisdom, confidence, a deeper faith, passion, and a drive to want TO GO HOME!

So through this weekend let us all appreciate the love Our Father and Savior holds us in and tell Them!