Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To Stand and Fight!

Christ said, “The first shall be last, and the last shall be first”. But what does that mean? The first one to give up will be the last one in the Kingdom of Heaven, but the last one who stands and fights for his faith shall be the first one in the Kingdom of Heaven!

Every day we battle LIFE, within our faith, jobs, financial problems, family or relationships. My wise Grandma always used to say, “Pick your battles”. You and I pick our battles. The important thing is that we never give up! There are days where we can take on the world and pity to the foolish mortal that gets in our way. And then there are days where we are on our knees crying and pleading for everything to just go away.

Throughout every battle you learn about yourself and your enemy. You evaluate your strengths and protect your weaknesses. Sometimes we charge right in and attack. And other times we evaluate the situation, wait patiently and then attack! Mistakes are our best educator. We can always learn from our mistakes if we are wise.

Our faith is our best defender. When the world says, “There is no way!” Our faith stands strong and lays waste to everything that opposes us! On those days where we feel we are falling apart and there is no hope in sight, we call out to the Lord.

Do you know what the shortest prayer is? One word, “HELP!” Sometimes we can’t even find the words to express to Him. The important thing is to seek His help and if that is with just one word, THEN USE IT! Sometimes the Lord tests us just so He knows He will hear from us. Don’t waste this time He’s given us to fight and to grow in our faith. We are living in the end time and time is fading fast. But His love and strength will always be there one step ahead of LIFE. Don’t give up, don’t give in! Ask Him for “HELP!” STAND AND FIGHT!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Where is God?

A Sunday school teacher asked the question of her class. “Where is God?” All the children sat quietly and said nothing. The teacher spoke up and said, “God is so big that He created this planet and everything you see. He is so big that He created our solar system and the entire universe. But children, He is small enough to fit into your heart.”

Is God in your heart? Many times when we think of God we think of this powerful figure sitting on His throne looking down at us with a stern look on His face, deciding how He can make our lives miserable. And that most of the time perhaps He is just not even smiling or happy with us. Maybe sometimes we feel He is so far away from us that we don’t even think He knows who we are.

Please consider this. If God made us in His own image don’t you think that sometimes He feels just like we do? He smiles and laughs. He gets angry and disappointed. He gets sad, His heart breaks and He cries, and there are times when He feels hurt too. We are human and we have many emotions. He is our Heavenly Father and He understands every one of our emotions because He gave them to us.

He is the Supreme Parent. If you have children and you see your children are suffering don’t you feel for them? Don’t you agonize with them? Wouldn’t you rather take on what they are carrying so their lives will be better? But you know in your heart that for them to learn they need to experience life, all the good and not so good that life holds. And you can’t interfere. But you can give them a hug, you can listen to them when their heart is broken or they are suffering. And you can tell them how much you love them and that you will always be there for them.

Our Heavenly Father feels everything we feel! He is as close as we will let Him be. But there are times where He cannot interfere. But He is always there to give us a hug, and to listen to us whenever we want to talk with Him. And He will always love us, and He will always be there for us. And if you let Him into your heart He will lovingly help you carry whatever troubles you. But you have to be willing to let Him in.

Where is God now…