Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A very wise Individual has said to me on many occasions;

“A person who controls their emotions controls their life.”

Have you ever gotten to a point in your life where you felt you just
wanted to give up?  You have nothing more to give to anyone including
yourself?  You are done!?  Last week I felt this way.

Life at times feels like we are on a battle field fighting in a war
that we didn’t ask to be a part of.  Some days we have little
victories and other days we feel major loss.  We fight an opposing
force that never stops, never gives in and never backs down.  As we
advance through our life there are times where we feel we are wounded
so we stop and we crawl behind a rock in the hopes that we can mend
our wound and rest.  It feels good to stop and rest.

As life moves forward we find ourselves staying where we are, because
we are tired, worn out and just DON’T WANT TO FIGHT ANYMORE!  The
wound we have is not as bad as we think so we crawl forward a little
keeping our head down until we reach the next rock to hide behind in
the hopes that we won’t get shot and wounded again, because we still
haven’t completely dressed and started the healing process from our
last wounding.

The battle of life rages on and we have no moment of peace, no solace
to evaluate where we are on the field and soon it over takes us, we
are dragged across the ground getting bumped and bruised and then we
are tossed to the side and we feel lost.  We are now trapped behind
enemy lines, we feel all alone so we hide.  We won’t let anyone or
anything find us because we will just get hurt again.

Soon after this we feel abandon and betrayed!  We now lose control and
go into a rage filled with raw emotion.  We think “WHY IS THIS
HAPPENING TO ME!”  We feel and say things that we don’t really mean
but it feels good at the time to lash out hoping someone on our side
will hear us; someone will find us, SOMEONE WILL HELP US!  But the
help doesn’t come.

We realize that now we have to do this on our own, we build walls to
protect ourselves; we care only for our self, we have to survive!
Time passes and soon we feel disconnected from everything.  We go
through the motions of trying to find our self, find where we really
are in our life but nothing really matters.  It is comfortable for us
to stay where we are because it requires very little effort.  The
easiest thing to do in life is nothing!  So we stay where we are, but
deep in our heart we are lonely, afraid and really want help.

We find that because we didn’t mend our wound it is now infected, the
infection is spreading and we are getting sick.  Now we can barely
help our self.  We feel that life would be a better place without us,
but if we give up everyone will think we are a coward and we are not a

While we are alone voices come and tell us that we are lost, no one
cares, we are all alone, we are worthless and we deserve all of this.
We realize we are now surrounded by the enemy but we can’t see them,
we can only hear them.  We are frightened, hurt and feel that now all
hope is lost.

As we take inventory of our backpack we find there is very little left
to survive on.  We throw it to the side and something falls out of one
of the pockets, it’s a radio!  We thought we lost it!  We grab it and
start to talk quietly, hoping that someone will answer on the other
end.  We hear clicking and white noise and suddenly we hear; “We see
you!  We are sending in a team now to get you, you are safe, and we
are surrounding you now!  NOTHING CAN HURT YOU!”

You teammates swarm in and remove the opposing forces.  When they
reach you; you are surprised at how many have come to aid you, just
you!  How could so many give of themselves so freely to help you?  You
are nobody special!  Your commanding officer takes a knee and
stretches out His hand to aid you.  As you grasp it you see holes in
His hands.  He stands you up and carries you out of the enemy

When you are back in camp He says; “I’ve been watching you the whole
time.  And when I wasn’t watching you the General was watching you.
Never at any time were you really alone.  When the opposing force
would come too close to you we would send in help quietly to protect
you.  I’ve been waiting for you to realize that you could not do this
on your own and once you reached out for help We stepped in.  By the
way, this was only a test, and you passed it.”

Why is it that we always give Satan and his forces an ear?  WHY do was
listen to them?  We can’t see them but we certainly can hear them!
Why is it that Satan always comes when we are at our weakest and
lowest moment?  It is because HE IS A COWARD!  He attacks us at our
weakest moment because we forget we are stronger than he is!  You have
the right to stand up against them and say NO!  I WILL NOT LISTEN TO

They put thoughts in our head that don’t exist and we run with them.
They play with our heart and our emotions and create feelings that are
false.  They pit family member against family member, friend against
friend and all the time they stand back and laugh at us.  We are their

Yes there are times when we just don’t want to fight them and we let
them run wild with us.  The problem is that while we do this we
capture our own loved ones and cause them come along in the wake of
destruction we cause for our self.  It is only after the damage is
done, the words are said the actions hurt others that we realize we
are wrong in what we thought and felt.

“A person who controls their emotions controls their life.”

Before we decide to let these thoughts take root, before we let our
emotions drive us in the wrong direction we need to reach out to our
Commanding Officer and Big Brother Jesus and ask Him for help.  We
need to plead with our General, Heavenly Father for wisdom, strength
and courage!  And then we need to talk to our loved ones and clear the
air so there is no more misunderstanding!  Do you know what the
shortest prayer is?  “HELP!”

Never forget this; Satan may win a battle now and then but we WILL WIN