Saturday, April 3, 2010


Have you prayed and ask God these questions? When am I going to meet the right person? Is there someone out there for me? Will I ever find true love? Why do I feel so alone?

I have been asking the Good Lord these questions for years. People come into our lives, and there is an attraction. We start to talk with them, build a common bond and then we find we are dating. We give of ourselves and they do too. We enjoy each other’s company. After a while we feel that there is love and we give more of ourselves. But then expectations build and fall and we start to see “red flags” and then we ask the question; is this person right for me? So we give more and soon we feel we are losing ourselves because we give more than we receive back. Doubts creep in and the reality that this person can’t meet our needs fills our heart and soon we separate and we are once again alone.

Our heart is broken and we are devastated perhaps we feel we have wasted our time and wonder if we will ever love again. How could we have been so stupid!?

No one we ever meet in life is a waste of time. We learn new things from them, they learn new things from us and we find out what it is we really want, need and have to have in a relationship. No one plans on getting together with someone at the start and says; “I’m pretty sure I’m gonna break up with this person in four months and two weeks”. That’s just crazy!

NOW WHAT?! Turn to the Lord. Many times I have imagined myself sitting on God’s lap as He has held my head against his chest or standing in front of Jesus with His arms around me as I have poured my heart out, wailing at the top of my lungs; WHY? Life is a learning process and it has its ups and downs. There is a comfort that comes only from God and his Son. But are we willing to accept it? Are we willing to heal and let go of the hurt?

I have told the Lord many times; you may have created women BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO DATE THEM…oops did I just say that? Ladies please forgive me, us men are not much better are we? Oh take a deep breath and calm down.

There is someone out there for you. Do you realize how much work the Lord has to do in two people’s lives so that their paths cross? The timing has to be perfect! Both people have to be ready to see each other. Have you ever thought about that? Now I’m going to use a word that I hate. It is….PATIENCE!

If we trust the Lord, He will find us that person we seek, we need and that we can love for the rest of our existence. Just keep your faith, pray and be patient! (I really hate that word Lord!)