Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Is there really a God?

This question has been asked by many people and races since man came into existence.  Is there a simple answer?  Short answer: Yes!  Long answer: Overwhelming!

It baffles my mind that some people believe there is NO God.  Really?  Are you blind?  Some say, “I don’t need God”.  If that were so then you wouldn’t even be here now, would you?  Oft times I speak with Atheists and I use these points.

Please show me where anything in life happens without someone doing something.  Consider this please.  The planet Earth is the ONLY planet to date that supports life from what all the scientist tell us.  It is also the ONLY planet that has an iron core that generates our protective layer and holds our atmosphere.  The Moon is 238,900 miles away from us and is one quarter the size of the Earth.  It affects our tides, lights the darkness and if we didn’t have the Moon we would tumble out of orbit and there would be no life.   

Now 92,960 million miles away from us is a big burning ball of gas we call the Sun.  It is one million times bigger than the Earth and it is the only star in our system.  If the Earth were a few miles closer or farther away there would be no life.  There are times when the thing one quarter the size of the Earth blocks the light from the thing that is one million times bigger than us.  I don’t know about you but someone did the math and they did it really well!  Coincidence?  No such thing!  And the answer is…  GOD!

How about this question?  “If there really were a God why is there war, killing and so much suffering?”  Answer:  Man’s free-will! 

I have argued with Our Father that this was one of His biggest mistakes.  Haha!  His intention was to create beings that serve and love Him because they WANT to not because they feel obligated to or want something in return.  Also He will not interfere with man’s will.  Man is the one who has caused all of this.   In my opinion Mankind has always acted self-centered, selfish, egotistical, self-serving, cruel, godless and completely lost!  I include myself within that statement as well. 

We, at times, forget what the most important thing is.  Eternal life!  This physical life is but a moment for us in reality.  We focus on it.  We let it consume us.  It overwhelms us, breaks us, hurts us and throws us to the side never stopping.  We are never satisfied with what we have.  We want more, more, MORE!  WHY?! The simple answer is: Satan!  He causes us to feel hollow and empty so we try to fill that void with something we can hold, believing it is what we need and it will satisfy the urge.  But the more we try to fill that need the more we fail or even go farther into debt because of it.  STOP!  FOCUS NOW!

Stop listening to him and those he sends.  I will give him credit because he is very good at playing with our hearts and desires.  Plus he has been around before time began so he knows us better than we know ourselves.  Are we fools?  Are we unaware of him?  No we are not!  He is always near.  Waiting for us to be at our weakest moment then he steps in and starts to whisper in our ear. 

WAKE UP AND STOP LISTENING TO HIM!  Satan is nothing more than a bully!  All bullies, when confronted, are cowards!  STAND UP TO HIM AND FIGHT!  He has no power over you unless YOU give it to him.  He is the prince of lies, the deity of deceit!  He is the one who has convinced some of mankind that God doesn’t exist.  He is the fool!  I have personally told him that the more he pushes an issue on me and tells me that something the Lord has said is not true the more I know that it really is.  He thinks he is so smart.  PEOPLE, WE ARE SMARTER THAN HE IS! 

How do we combat Satan?  By building our relationship with Our Loving Father, Big Brother Jesus and the Holy Spirit!  It is only through faith and trust in Them that we can win.  Not once has Father lied and not kept His word!  Pray, talk to Them.  Pour out your heart when it aches and when it is filled with joy!  Just say HI.  Tell Them how you are feeling.  Ask Them how their day is going.  Why not?!  Never cease talking to them.  It is not only from hearing the word of God that faith is strengthened.  It is also strengthened through prayer.  
Be strong now!!!!!!!!!!!!