Sunday, April 14, 2013


I have not written for a while.  With the events of the past few months I feel it necessary to write something. 

We are living in THE end time right now where everyone is centered on themselves.  There is no more tolerance, empathy, compassion, and there is no understanding for each other.  No one can express themselves without retaliation from somebody.  Everyone is so closed- minded that when someone tries to express themselves they feel threatened. 

Some people are now losing control.  They go out of their way to hurt people in public places because of their religious views or because they are crying out for help or they just want to make a point.  We have countries that are threatening us with war.  It seems that the fabric of society is being torn apart from the inside out.  There is very little peace, stress keeps building and the planet is being swept with fear.

This is nothing new within the history of mankind.  This has been going on for millennia.  Perhaps you would think that all of this is born out of society’s ignorance, or inability to understand ourselves.  And to a point all of this might be true.

There is a side of our lives that very few are willing to accept, understand and work with.  It is not seen with the human eye, you cannot touch it with your hand but you certainly can feel it.  It is a side of our life that everyone knows exists.  Most try to ignore it.  They pretend it's not real.  Or they are so afraid of it that they dare not even speak of it.  Or they accept it when it's a convenience for them. It is known as our "spiritual" side of life.

This side of our life is not completely clear all the time. There are times where we feel we completely understand what is going on within ourselves. Then there are times when we are completely lost.  The one thing that needs to always be there for us is our faith in God.

Most people know that Satan exists, and there are spirits and demons that are active today. Very few people want to accept that these three common foes are influencing them at times. 

Do you know that your thoughts are not your own all the time? Any time a negative thought comes into your mind it originates from them. And because you have your own free will you get to  decide whether you listen to them or not. They simply plant a small thought in your mind and then you are the one who lets it grow. Every argument, every fight and every war started with one person and one thought.

Are you a puppet in Satan's hand? Do you automatically let every thought motivate you; or do you weigh where does this thought come from? Are you a victim of your own mind? Are you helpless? Are you a fool?

I can tell you that every negative thought that comes into your mind is born out of the hand of Satan. His entire purpose is to confuse, to manipulate, to control, to create separation, to create doubt and then, to destroy us!  I would ask this question, why would you listen to him?! Why would you let him control you like some mindless puppet?

I don't know about you but for me every thought that comes into my mind, I weigh. If it is a negative thought I tell that spirit that is behind me to go away. If it is a positive thought then I let it build, I let it motivate me because it comes from God. All positive things that build something good and help are from Him and His spirits.

We are at war with Satan he has had a lot more time than we have to understand who we are and how we react to life. And our Heavenly Father will only allow Satan and his forces to influence us to a point. So I have often told Satan and his evil servants that they are puppets in our Fathers hand.

You are stronger than you think. You are not weak or helpless and you are certainly not puppets! Put your faith in our Heavenly Father asked him for wisdom to know what it is that is talking to you and when you realize it is not a positive spirit you can invoke Christ's name and tell it to leave. This is your life!  You have your own free will to choose what you will do every day. Will you still be a puppet?

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